DIY Avocado Beauty Treatment Recipes

I try not to put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t put in my stomach (this means choosing natural, organic and/or chemical-free products where my budget allows). But as I learned at a recent beauty blogger event, in the case of avocados, my beauty rule of thumb also works in reverse.

My skin is on the dry side, and new blotches and blemishes show up on the regular. When things get out of hand, I’ve been known to reach for an avocado. I always see an improvement in my skin’s moisture and overall appearance when I add one to a smoothie, or a salad, or just sprinkled with salt, pepper and lime juice as a snack a couple of times per week. I think experts call that beautifying from within, or at least I do.

And yet, despite the abundance of avocado-enriched beauty treatments at the drugstore – everything from face masks and hair masks to lip balm – I’d never considered applying the unprocessed straight-outta-the-produce-section green stuff to my skin.

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may 2012 cupcake ride

May 22, 2012

may 2012 cupcake ride details toronto

I’m hanging out at BlogPodium on Saturday and will have to miss this month’s cupcake ride, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Hyedie’s selected two excellent cupcake munching stops at opposite ends of a tour along the lakeside Martin Goodman Trail (one of my favourite and most frequented routes last summer).

Get all the route details here and click on over to the Cupcake Bike Ride Facebook page to stay in the loop on future rides.

Good-enough-to-eat ride graphic by Hyedie.

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If you don’t plan on saving this weekend’s calories for an Easter egg hunt or spring feast, I suggest you get in on the Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride season opener this Saturday afternoon. The weather looks like it’s going to cooperate, so if you haven’t done so already, there’s no excuse not to bust out your two-wheeler.

These monthly rides were a high point of last summer for me: touring parts of the city I didn’t normally see in my day-to-day travel, snacking on some of the city’s best sweets, and meeting friendly riders like Hyedie (Cupcake Ride champion, organizer and route planner extraordinaire).

Sadly I’m not able to take part this weekend for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Find out what to expect by catching up on my cupcake riding (mis)adventures last summer:

Photo: Super cute April Cupcake Ride promo via The Cupcake Ride blog.

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