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July 15, 2014


I hate blog posts that apologize for unexplained silences.

I’m not going to apologize for trying to juggle without dropping any balls. For working too much and forgetting what it feels like to play. For baking strawberry cake and not posting the recipe. For reading things and not writing about them. For spending a day at the beach and not sharing a single photo of sand and sunburns. For eating ice cream without crowdsourcing my flavour selection. For wondering if anyone but bloggers even read blogs anymore. For being underwhelmed, uninspired, and spiritually exhausted in the most relaxed way. For living the stuff of life without turning it into content.


Sometimes you just need to start, again, where you are, and where I am is here.

Songs in the key of summer break:

Stay Cool
Four Burners
+ When You Are Tightly Wound

Thank you for reading. I write this blog for you.

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I can’t remember the context or the conversation exactly, but at some point during my visit with my sister earlier this year, she said this to me. And it’s been an ear worm ever since.

Asking for help makes me feel vulnerable. A little scared. Like I’ll be perceived as weak. And maybe like I’m giving up a bit of control. (What, you too?)

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Let there be light.

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