dog-eared // march 2013

March 25, 2013

march 2013 book picks "great with child", "bringing up bebe", "no matter what"

It’s all mama-and-baby lit this month (quel surprise!). Desperately seeking recommendations for me, and welcoming recommendations for the little.

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dog-eared // november 2012

November 7, 2012

nightstand books "cheryl strayed wild" "what to expect" "douglas coupland" "between interruptions"

For someone who likes to call herself a writer, I’m not all that much of a reader. I read in fits and spurts: just magazines, or only blogs, for weeks, sometimes months, on end. And then, after a long separation, I want to hold something in my hand as I read, to feel smooth paper, develop hand cramps from keeping a book propped up for too long, and fall asleep under the weight of the pages. Maybe it’s the urge to whip my baby brain into shape, or the fact that I’m not ready to buy holiday-themed magazines yet, but I’m in one of those periods right now and my nightstand is four books deep.

+ Wild by Cheryl Strayed
Am I the only one who begrudgingly buys books with an Oprah book club sticker on the cover? None the less, that Oprah can pick ‘em (the mile-long hold request list at the library is no evidence to the contrary). This one is pure autobiographical adventure – Strayed sets out to hike the Pacific Coast Trail solo, having never hiked before in her life. It’s making me think about goals, and planning adventures, and self challenges both big and small.

+ Between Interruptions by Cori Howard
A gift from my sharp-eyed friend Michelle, this anthology is full of short essays about motherhood, intended to be read “between interruptions”. I jumped into this fast – maybe too fast. I bought Wild because I couldn’t put this one down, but desperately needed a break from it. The stories are raw, and true, and relatable and they left me teary or cranky or exhausted and (sometimes) all of the above. But I’m still planning to loan it to the other new moms I know.

+ What to Expect The First Year by Sandee Hathaway, Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Murkoff
What did you expect?

+ Player One by Douglas Coupland
You can’t imagine my delight to score a Douglas Coupland novel I haven’t read for $1 at a giant used book sale. This one’s at the bottom of the pile because Coupland never gets old, and I don’t have to wait for the right mood to read him.

What are you reading or recommending these days?

+ Why yes, that is a picture of my husband on my nightstand. How very 1950s of me.
+ Why yes, my nightstand is a variation of the Ikea Rast hack.
+ And also, FYI, I hate making the bed, but love crawling into one with tight sheets and smooth pillows.

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on writing (and my new gig)

October 19, 2010

For as long as I can remember, the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is write. It didn’t really matter what the topic was, or even the format, words (and spelling and general grammar geekiness) have always been my favourite plaything. Have you ever met a child who played “library”?

I’m fortunate enough to spend the better part of my 9-5 caught up in words. But something different – truer, maybe – happens when you’re writing for pleasure. It’s why blogging appealed to me and, despite commitment discipline issues early on, I think it’s why I’ve managed to stick with it on this go-round.

It’s why I was deliriously excited to hear from Kim Vallée about a part-time writing position for her stylish living site At Home with Kim Vallée. This lady is a real deal lifestyle and entertaining expert and I am so grateful for the incredible opportunity she has given me as a contributing writer. Thank you SO MUCH Kim!

So things may look a little sparse around here while I figure out how to balance all this writing with a 9-5 and, oh yah, a bit of living too. You can find a little bit of me on Kim’s site every day and, if you don’t mind, each week I’ll share a round-up of my articles here.

Thank you for reading, friends. It’s all a writer can wish for.

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