April 2012

food and drink magazine lcbo spring 2012

This weekend husband and I will be making the rounds to visit both of our families for Easter, and I’m on dessert duty.

My lemon squares will be making an appearance, but I’m also counting on this recipe for Maple Pecan Squares from the Spring 2012 issue of Food & Drink magazine to fill out the platter. Seriously: is there anything more appropriate for a spring gathering than a dessert made with generous amounts of maple syrup? Hells no.

food and drink magazine lcbo spring 2012

If you’re lucky enough to live in Ontario, I suggest you make a pitstop at the LCBO to pick up this issue. All of their issues are drool-inducing – gorgeous photography, unintimidating recipes, and cool foodie pieces on, say, the history of salt – but this one had me dog-earring more pages than usual. Seriously, I don’t understand how they can continue to offer this mag for free. (Oh wait.)

Also on my spring recipe radar is that cashew-crusted chicken, up there on the right. It’s marinated in coconut milk and cilantro before being coated and baked in cashews. I like that it’s a less saucy (and thereby seemingly lighter) version of one of our favourite Thai dishes.

Naturally, the mag also has its fair share of creative cocktails. I’m kind of crazy for punches (alcoholic or not) and husband is a nut for rhubarb, so this one will be making an appearance in our fridge in the very near future. I like that it can also be made in mocktail form, and the cute play on a caesar with that rhubarb stalk stir stick is a whole lot of amazing. I’m not one for cream-based alcohol, but love the look of the Easter cottontail punch. Mini eggs as garnish? Yes please.

food and drink magazine lcbo spring 2012

What’s on your Easter menu? Are you hosting or being hosted?

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If you don’t plan on saving this weekend’s calories for an Easter egg hunt or spring feast, I suggest you get in on the Toronto Girls’ Cupcake Ride season opener this Saturday afternoon. The weather looks like it’s going to cooperate, so if you haven’t done so already, there’s no excuse not to bust out your two-wheeler.

These monthly rides were a high point of last summer for me: touring parts of the city I didn’t normally see in my day-to-day travel, snacking on some of the city’s best sweets, and meeting friendly riders like Hyedie (Cupcake Ride champion, organizer and route planner extraordinaire).

Sadly I’m not able to take part this weekend for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Find out what to expect by catching up on my cupcake riding (mis)adventures last summer:

Photo: Super cute April Cupcake Ride promo via The Cupcake Ride blog.

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