September 2010

a step in the right direction

September 30, 2010

Window-shopping has a whole new meaning thanks to online shopping.

On a typical mall trip, I wouldn’t give Naturalizer a second, nay first, glance on account of their reputation for grandma sandals (you know, the kind rarely worn without hose) and “comfortable” shoes. Nary a heel or stylish boot in sight.

So, while browsering for new fall shoes, I was moderately shocked and completely delighted to find myself swooning for Naturalizer’s Naya line (how did I end up at in the first place? When it comes to cute shoes, leave no source unturned).

The eco-friendly collection of shoes, sandals and boots uses vegetable-tanned leathers and linings, organic fabrics, natural cork and rubber footbeds, sustainable bamboo heels and nickel-free metal buckles — among other creative materials.

My shopping list now includes the following:

Naya Bakula in Bordo Leather, $160

Naya Briar in Graphic Lead Suede, $160

Naya Breeze in Graphite Suede, $190
(a good knock-off of the pricier Chie Mahara boots I crushed on here)

As tends to be the case with natural, organic and eco-conscious anything, prices run slightly higher than other mall footwear options. But for a clearer conscience and a smaller, well, footprint, the Naya collection is a step in the right direction.

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heather hearts… {09.29.10}

September 29, 2010

1. Because her character’s still relevant, 40 years later  (Peggy poster, Stanley Chow Illustration & Design, £20, via Justin Godard Design).
2. Because, let’s face it, it’s the only way you’re going to get your hands on one (Origami Hermès Kelly Bag, Content in a Cottage, FREE)
3. Because I’ve never seen a better way to eat an apple a day (Apple Sandwich with granola, peanut butter and chocolate chips, via the incredible fyeahpeanutbutter).

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the kit

September 28, 2010

Among my list of beauty regrets: the perm that overwhelms my grade five school picture, waiting so long to start wearing colour on my nails and never mastering liquid or any other form of eyeliner, despite my teenage goth phase.

The best beauty mags can right your beauty wrongs (or, better yet, help you avoid them altogether) and new, FREE, Canadian digital magazine The Kit is no exception. (These days, I’m all about the interactive magazines; see here and here).

The Kit makes the most of the medium with navigation so easy page numbers aren’t really necessary; pop-up slideshows to showcase more products than can fit on a typical mag page; and integrated beauty how-to videos.

Must-reads include tips on finding the right red, a 24-page hairstyle handbook and naturopathic solutions for common health quandaries. Find them here.

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