July 2010

Tip o’ the hat to Fats for the title.

Until a few years ago, I felt about blueberries the way my dad feels about peas. Enticing as they may look here – the deepest, truest shade of blue, plump and ready to explode with sweetness – they never did much for me. The mere thought of a lowly blueberry contaminating a perfectly good pancake made me queasy. They took a backseat to a-list strawberries (well, still do), and will never match the tangy joy of a raspberry. Maybe it had something to do with Violet Beauregarde.

But love changes us, and our tastebuds, it seems. Hubs helped me on to the blueberry bandwagon with a Sunday breakfast of lemon blueberry pancakes, now my favourite fruit combo-in-a-cake (pan not required), like, evah. I like blueberries best when they’re paired with other fruit – lemon, of course, and peaches are a close second.

That’s why I wasn’t too disappointed when we stopped in at Andrew’s Scenic Acres (also the scene of my 3 litre basket strawberry picking bonanza last month) to pick raspberries, only to be told it was, quite literally, “slim pickings” –  apparently early crops are de rigeur this summer.

We settled for blueberries and I was excited about the prospect of my first blueberry picking experience. The bushes were loaded so filling our basket to the brim took no time at all.

Since I’m relatively new to blue, I haven’t accounted for how I’ll use the lot of them just yet. I’ll freeze a few for smoothies and the like, and try substituting them for strawberries in a few favourite recipes. Some others I’m considering:

P.S., we did manage to scrounge a quart of raspberries for snacking. Ice cream anyone?

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A weekly round-up of stuff I’m hearting.

A new season of Mad Men:

Summer’s first cobs of corn (to complement The Village Butcher turkey burgers):

OPI Miami Beet / $12 manicures / manicurists who help you put on your bike helmet so as not to compromise their handiwork:

Grey suede shoes (via my friend Michelle‘s feet):

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My dear friend and neighbour, Mark Ali, comes from a family of butchers. He’s not just a foodie by choice, it’s in his blood. It’s why we hired him to cater our wedding.

We’re fortunate enough to live across the street from his shop, The Village Butcher, which specializes in organic meat and poultry (ask him about the Heather burger).

We’re also fortunate to live around the corner from his new breakfast bar Around The Corner. It’s a welcome and much-needed neighbourhood addition.

That’s why I was so excited to see Toronto Life feature it on their blog, The Dish earlier this week. Have a read, then pay Mark a visit. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Photo source: Signe Langford

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