November 2006

can anyone hear that?

November 21, 2006

Sounds like crickets to me! My poor, poor neglected blog. I fear for its livelihood once the holiday season really kicks into high gear… There will be cookies to bake and presents to wrap and all those TV specials from childhood just beckoning to be watched.

Silly me foolishly made a completely unreasonable goal for myself (and I know I’m not the only one) to make every gift I give this season. And do you think I’ve started even one? Ha! Oh sure, the list is made and many of the supplies purchased but that’s the easy part, no? Ah well, Christmas is weeks away yet. There’s still time! Right? (she says nervously…)

And even if I don’t get to make everyone’s gifts, there’s of course loads of opportunity to buy handmade. Dee and I are off to Crafternoon Tea on Saturday – the brainchild of the fabulous and completely inspiring Nathalie-Roze. There should be plenty of drool-worthy loot to spend some cash on (and I will try to refrain from purchasing only gifts for myself…)

In truth, I have a hard time feeling festive until the calendar switches to December, the tree goes up and the decorations come out of the cobwebs. Speaking of decorations, here’s some button wreath ornaments (gleaned from over here) that I dropped in the mail for a swap. That should quash Adam’s worries about the button hording. For now. The lovely ladies who are receiving these are also getting some little paper packs of holiday mini cards and gift tags.

Ack! Christmas cards… another thing for the list.

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tuesday mail

November 7, 2006

It was a damp and dreary and all-around blah day, but this bit of colour sure helps lively up the apartment. Adam’s parents came for dinner and a visit on Sunday, so we did a bit of sprucing up and these fit the bill.

Some lovely swap goodies in the mail this week including these fun felt-lined iPod cozies from Jill in adorable fabric. Strangely enough they weren’t far off from the one I sent to my partner (photo unavailable at time of posting).

And this batch of buttons from Jenni (left) and Ashley (right). I love that pink love one and the big, cartoony black beauty. And that little apple is too cute for words.

In other swap news, there’s just one week left to sign up for the A Little Bit of Everything Swap #2. Don’t miss out on the fun – sign up over here!

Happy Birthday Matt, wherever you are. Four years gone and it feels like 100.

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